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Feeling Stuck in Life? Here are 5 Simple Tips to Change Your Life

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

We all have moments where we feel trapped in our lives. Looking back to when my kids were younger and I was working full-time, I am reminded of when I felt as though I was drowning, other times feeling stuck in thick mud, and even times when I was both drowning and stuck in thick mud like quicksand.

It took me until I was in my late 40s to realize that I was not required to live like that. I always thought and expected that it was something I would have to live with. Life isn't fun, at all, it is and always will be work. It is and always will be tough.

I now realize that life isn't like that at all. There are small moments of tough work and moments of feeling as though you are drowning. Mostly, life is an adventure and we are fortunate to have the opportunity to choose our experiences.

To help you reach a level of contentment and one where you are excited about all the opportunities that are to be presented to you, follow these 5 tips:

Tip #1 - Change Your Mindset

Taking responsibility and being accountable for the outcome of your life is the first step. Without this step, any other suggestions will be pointless. To help you take responsibility, journal daily for 14 days straight by writing down the answer to the following question, and without thinking, write your answer.

What is one thing I can do today that will bring me joy?

It does not have to be a huge thing, just something small that will bring you a little bit of joy. Every day, write something different. In the end, you will have 14 different things that will bring you joy.

Tip #2 - Meditate

Meditation clears the mind of the unnecessary junk that weighs us down. Meditation can be done in different ways. Walking or jogging can clear the mind and be therapeutic. Here is a list of other ways that you can meditate beyond the traditional sitting on the floor, cross-legged with your palms up:

*Doing dishes *Guided meditations

*Hot bath *Yoga


"Exercise, prayer, and meditation are examples of calming rituals. They have been shown to induce a happier mood and provide a positive pathway through life’s daily frustrations.” ― Chuck Norris

Tip #3 - Connect with the Angels

This tip is really so much easier than it may sound. The angels are here to help us in our daily lives. Most people do not know that all we have to do is ask specifically for a clear sign of what is in the best interest of all people involved. One thing to understand is that we may not get exactly what we are wanting. Remember, it is the best outcome for those involved. The angels help us by presenting opportunities that will make our lives better. We may think that it is one thing when in fact it could be the complete opposite. Trusting the angels goes hand-in-hand with asking them.

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Tip #4 - Journal

Journal three (3) different things that you are grateful for every day and why. By doing so, it will slowly begin to change your way of thinking. Thinking of the positive will help us focus only on the positive. In addition, when we begin to expect only positive aspects in our life to occur, that is what will happen.

Tip #5 - Work with a Spiritual Coach

By working with a spiritual coach, you will be able to tap into their expertise. An amazing coach will be able to guide you through the ups and downs because they have also been through the same issues that you have. Most Spiritual Coaches have other modalities that they can tap into to take your healing up a notch.. Speaking for myself, I can tap into my Spirit Team (the Archangels, my Guardian Angels, and my loved ones who have transitioned to help you even more.

Next Steps

Are you ready to move forward on your next steps? Working closely with me to help you on your journey is my life's purpose. More importantly, I am here for you, to guide you toward your higher self and to help you when you feel as though you are stuck. Want to schedule a FREE call to determine if we are a fit for each other? Click here:


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