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Is the Death of a Loved One Causing You Guilt?

Is the death of a loved one causing you guilt? Do you relive the moment you found out your loved one passed on? Do you ask yourself, "I could have prevented their death?" and as a result, you have extreme guilt. This guilt is so heavy, it is difficult to lift yourself out of bed in morning?

This pain emanates your whole being and you feel swollen from all of the tears you have shed. Life as you know it is over and it is unimaginable what your life will look like now. This grief that has populated guilt, is horrendous and you know you will never smile, laugh, or have joy in your life ever again.

I assure you that as much as you are in pain, not only from the grief, but from the guilt, you can release this pain and find happiness again by looking at the death of your loved one with a new perspective. This grief will always be there; however, managing the emotional aspect and having trust in the process that your loved is okay, is with you, and there is nothing that you could have done, to prevent their passing, will help subside this grief and guilt into manageable bite-size pieces.

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