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Misty Thompson

  • Certified Spiritual Coach

  • Mind, Body, & Spirit Practitioner

  • Amazon Best Selling Author

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Picture of Misty Thompson

Meet Misty Thompson

Spiritual Life Coach

Are you feeling disconnected with your own life? Do you feel that the people in your life have abandoned you either emotionally or physically? Are you experiencing grief from a death or breakup?


It is my passion to guide those who have experienced the same struggles as me by using my spiritual gifts. Working with each client individually and tailoring a plan to address their needs is a priority. Respect, understanding, compassion, and empathy is how all clients are treated.


Working with clients who are ready to change their lives by being accountable for their choices and who are responsible for taking charge of their future but who are unsure how to begin are the clients who will see the maximum results by working with me.

Misty Thompson

Misty Thompson sitting on a bench

Amazon Best Selling Author

Misty is the best-selling author of two books, “By Your Side” and “From Grief to Acceptance" both written as a tribute to her sister who died tragically in 1993. Misty is also a contributing author to several spiritually inspired books two of which are below, “365 to Angel Prayers” and “When Angels Speak”. 


Programs And Workshops


Intro To Your Spirituality

This is the beginning of the client’s journey towards changing their lives and releasing what is holding them back from their joy. These sessions may include intuitive, psychic/medium, and angel card readings.  In addition to three individual sessions the client will have access to a four-week online course that includes videos, guided meditations, and homework.

3-Week Individual Program

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Finding Your True-Self

This is a 6-week program that will meet every week via Zoom. This will be a deeper dive into the emotional aspects of the client and the journey towards finding their true self. These sessions may include intuitive, psychic/medium, and angel card readings.

6-Week Individual Program


Illuminate Your True Essence

Those interested in this program must qualify. Scheduling a phone call to determine eligibility is required. This program is a highly extensive program that is an 8-week program.

8-Week Individual Program

Programs & Workshops

God And Your Angels Want To Help You Realize Your Dreams And Live Your Best Most Abundant Life.

My reading with Misty was thorough, in-tuned and informative. She put me at ease and allowed the energy to flow. I walked away

feeling very peaceful.

- Nadean O., British Columbia

When I got my Spiritual Guidance Report from Misty, I was thrilled how accurate everything was. It is everything I need in my life right now to help me grow with the support of the Archangels and encouraging words Misty said. My year started a little rough but I truly

believe if I follow her spiritual guidance, it will be a smooth positive path. I know now that if I believe and trust that anything is possible. Thank you Misty for shining that light for me! Here is to a great year to come! Much love!

- K.A. Giblert, Arizona

I trusted Misty to prepare a Spiritual Guidance Report for me after having an angel reading a few months earlier. Although my own intuitive guidance has given me many of the same messages, it is always reassuring to hear it from another messenger. Although I have not had my report long, it has already proved useful. Using the affirmations and the relationship with the Archangel Gabriel, I have reignited my spiritual confidence and trust. Although I believe we all have the gift of receiving messages from spirit and being guided to our best selves, it is wonderful to have Misty as a spiritual coach to remind us of our own gifts to help us with our life lessons.

- Tammy F., Arizona

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