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 After the death of a loved one, have you felt as if you were living at the mercy of your grieving process? Have you felt you were grieving “wrong”? Do you believe it is time to look at grief from a different perspective in order to no longer feel defenseless against it and experience acceptance once and for all?From Grief to Acceptance is a refreshing perspective on grief offering the reader an exploration of the one question that was revealed to the author to support her own grieving process after losing her only sister more than twenty years ago: What if by playing an active role in our grieving journey we can empower ourselves to heal while honoring our loved one? This question, along with a new perspective of death and grief, will encourage you to:1. Look at the death of your loved one in a new way.2. Appreciate your own unique approach to grief.3. Honor your loved one while moving toward greater acceptance. After reading From Grief to Acceptance, you’ll understand there is no “one way” to grieve. Instead, we each get to choose how to honor our loved ones and heal ourselves in the way that feels best to us while feeling empowered to face each day with greater love, vulnerability, compassion, forgiveness, and gratitude.  

From Grief to Acceptance: An Active Process for Healing While Honoring Our Love

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