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Releasing the Ego's Stories of Unworthiness - Three Steps to Restore Self Worth

Oftentimes when going through life everyday, an overwhelming feeling of unworthiness creeps in. This may be caused by many different triggers, a comment from someone whose opinion is valued, a failure, saying the wrong thing, or an embedded belief that has been locked into the subconscious.

Remembering that these are only stories to keep us in a place of resistance and mediocrity is what the ego is wanting. However, it has become clear that the ego is really only wanting to protect us.

Choosing to see the ego as an ally that oversteps their boundaries by being loud and obnoxious is the way that I look at it. We all know someone who is loud and doesn’t know when to stop. It is that person who believes that they are helping you by telling you what they think is the truth, but really it isn’t. They mean well but it is more damaging than helpful.

Sometimes that loud friend is needed and thankfully, the ego has your best interest at hand. This is that opportunity to grow and expand through our experiences. Balancing the ego and the soul.

It is our responsibility to discern when to listen to our ally, the ego, and when to listen to our higher self, the soul. To truly be happy and live with purpose, love, and self-worth means following that inner guidance and knowing when to tell our ally to stop creating stories that offer dramatic effects that aren’t even true to begin with. When played into that, unworthiness and other negative dense emotions begin to rule our world.

Remembering that we are all worthy simply because we were born in this physical form with the connection of infinite intelligence that works with us, to us, through us and for us by means of our higher self. We must choose to trust, have faith, and believe so we are able to extinguish the ridiculousness that any of us are unworthy, because that is simply false.

Here are a few different ways that I teach my clients to restore worthiness when the ego is telling those untrue stories.


When hearing the ego chattering inside your mind telling untrue stories about your self-worth, the first thing to do is to yell (either out loud or to yourself), “DELETE!”. Continue this until the chatter has stopped or at least quieted down.


Take a moment for deep breathing and remember that the Creator, through your soul, is radiating worth. Visualize that your soul is telling your ego that it is loved and appreciated but those untrue stories are no longer tolerated.


Visualize that Source energy is surrounding your whole being with love, light, warmth, and acceptance.

Always being aware of those thoughts before they consume you is the work needed to combat the ego’s stories.

These steps may take some time to ease the mind’s negativity. Be patient with yourself and the process while continuing to have self-compassion. Remember, It is the ego’s job to protect you from FEAR (False Expectations Appearing Real) and realizing your worth will shine through when you will allow it to.

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